Making Time to Knit: 7 Ways to Make Time In Your Busy Day
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One of the benefits of knitting is that it makes you slow down and focus on what you’re making rather than the cloud of concerns hanging over your head. If you’re always busy, however, it can be hard to find time to knit. These tips can help you make time to knit, even if it’s only 15 minutes at a time.

making time to knit

  1. Multitask. There are plenty of times during the day when your hands are free enough to multitask if you are on an easy place in your pattern. During a phone conference, on public transportation, watching your nightly TV shows, or even on the elliptical machine, you might be able to knit too. Experiment and see which activities you can multitask during.

  2. Commit. Just do it. Many days you may go to bed and realize that you spent an hour reading articles on your Newsfeed when you could have been knitting. Make a commitment to knitting a certain amount a day or a certain number of days a week. Whether you measure your commitment by time or project progress is up to you, but the sense of commitment will make you more determined to knit when you can.

  3. Set the Timer. Maybe you have difficulty making time to knit because once you start you can’t stop. Create boundaries on your knitting time and you will feel more prepared to knit during your lunch break or before bed.

  4. Create Small Goals. Some knitters get caught up in a whole project and freeze under the pressure. Break the project up into stages or smaller chunks and you may find it easier to make time for five rounds or three inches of a scarf.

  5. Make it Social. When you break out your project at happy hour or while watching your child’s sporting event, you may find other people are supportive and curious about your hobby. Finding a knitting group can also be a positive way to build a specific time for knitting into your schedule, and will give you the accountability to stick with it.

  6. Maximize Your Bag. If you plan on taking your project with you, you’ll need a well-organized bag. When you create a small knitting kit with extra stitch markers, scissors, and other notions, you can take advantage of small opportunities to knit, like in line or on hold.

  7. Learn to Knit in the Dark. You have to know your knitting skills well, but if you can knit without looking, you free yourself up to knitting at the theater, too. That’s certainly something to brag about. making time to knit

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