Top 5 Hottest Trends in Knitting Right Now
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Keep your knitting on the cutting edge with the hottest knitting trends right now. From bold colors to knitted toys, these knitting trends offer a range of knitting patterns for you to perfect.
Baby Bumble Bee

Amigurumi. Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting stuffed toys. An amigurumi animal can make a sweet gift or a fun decoration. Create a knitted bee for your favorite pet or a stuffed elephant as a birthday present.

Vintage Revival. Vintage-inspired patterns are trendy right now in women’s fashion. There are plenty of vintage patterns for clothing, accessories, and even lingerie, and many knit designers are putting their own spin on retro styles. Particularly hot are long knit gloves and retro boot toppers. Thanks to Downton Abbey, flapper hats and knit cloches are big for fall as knitters try to get Lady Mary’s sophisticated style. Pair a cloche with some long gloves and you’re all set.

Ella's Evening Gloves

Giant Cowls. Cowls have been on-trend for several years and they just keep getting bigger. This season, giant cowls are trendy in knitting patterns. Whether extra-bulky or extra-long, a giant cowl is a fast project and a great way to showcase novelty yarn, cables, or seed stitches. For example, this Moguls Cowl Pattern (show above) covers the shoulders with a wavy detail stitch.

Owls. Owls are on-trend for women’s fashion and amigurumi knitting. You’ll find plenty of patterns for creating stuffed owls or for knitting sweaters, shawls, and hats with owls worked into the lace. You can even add small beads for the eyes.

Color Blocking. While stripes alternate colors, color blocking features distinct, often contrasting or clashing, colors in separate blocks. The color blocks may also be differently proportioned, creating a sleek modern look. Color blocking is a versatile trend for knitting, as you can add color blocking to any pattern you choose simply by switching the colors. For example, create a color blocked scarf by knitting different sections in different colors. Or, make a color blocked sweater by knitting the lower waist, chest, and sleeves in different colors.

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