Free Fashion Scarves Patterns for Young Knitters
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Summer has arrived and many parents are seriously trying to limit the time their kids are spending on electronic devices by looking for outdoor activities. But what about rainy days or long car rides? This may be the time to develop a hobby for you and your young knitter!

Big Needle Scarf Set

The craft of knitting is growing and rapidly engaging those of a younger age. Knitting has real benefits because it requires concentration and the use of fine motor skills. More importantly, it gives young knitters a sense of accomplishment to create something with their own hands. It can be hard to find patterns that appeal to young knitters and also that cater to their beginning skill levels. At, you can download dozens of free knitting patterns for scarves that meet both of these challenges.

Depending on the type of yarn that is used, different types of scarves can be worn all year long. You can find a lot of different styles in winter clothing knitting patterns. Textured blocks scarf patterns are a good way to practice different types of beginning stitches as well.

Download several beginning free scarves patterns and have kids choose someone special to make a scarf for. Or, perhaps they can choose a local shelter to donate one to? Kids can even start their own knitting clubs and collectively come up with charitable projects or fundraising plans. Newer knitters can also benefit from something like the big needle scarf set to help with dexterity of beginner projects.

Explore the advantages of incorporating knitting into the rest of your summer activities and see what kind of creativity your young ones can unleash!

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