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This page will answer most questions you may have about using our site. If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us by filling out our form.

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Login and password questions

Q: I did not receive an activation email to activate my membership.
Please click here to fill out a simple form to resend the activation email.

Q: I requested a resend of my activation email, but did not receive it.
There are several reasons you might not receive your confirmation email:

  • You entered the wrong email address. If you entered the wrong email address, you will need to sign-up again.
  • You may have blocked in your email preferences. Checking for this varies depending on which company you use for your email.
  • Your Internet Service Provider and/or Email Service Provider may be blocking and/or filtering email from If you have checked all of the mail controls indicated above, more than likely this is the problem, please contact the company that you use for email and ask them to stop blocking or filtering your email. If you continue to experience issues receiving our emails, you may want to subscribe to a free email service provider (such as Gmail, AOL Mail or Hotmail) to receive emails from us. You will need to update your account on the site, and re-sign up for your daily emails.

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Q: I can't remember my password!
Not a problem! At we don't require you to remember a long, confusing password. You can access our great content by logging in using the email address you used during the sign-up process.

Q: I keep logging in, but it tells me I'm not logged in and won't let me download the patterns.
This is possibly due to cookies not being enabled in your browser. Click here for additional help on enabling cookies.

Another possibility is that your cookies could have become corrupted for the site. If your cookies are enabled and you are still having difficulties, click here to force your browser to remove the cookie. Then try logging in again.

Q: I received a cookie error when trying to log in: Your computer is preventing us from writing a cookie that is necessary for logging in to our site.
Here are some things you can try before attempting to log-in again.

  1. Make sure cookies are enabled. This can typically be found under privacy or security settings in your browser options.
  2. Make sure privacy settings are set to default level. Having this setting too high can interfere with the ability for standard cookies to be written.
  3. Make sure you are running anti-virus and spyware tools. Mal-ware can often intercept cookies before they can be written causing difficulties accessing sites that require a log-in.

Q: How do I enable cookies in my Web browser?

Internet Explorer - Version 7 & 8

Internet Explorer - Version 9

Mozilla Firefox

Safari - Version 5

If you have verified that you have enabled cookies and/or JavaScript in your Web browser, you might try adding as a trusted site. Here are instructions for doing this in Internet Explorer:

  • In Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  • Click the Security tab, and then select the Trusted Sites zone and click on the Sites button.
  • Enter the site name without "www.", Be sure the require server verification box is unchecked and click the Add button.
  • When you are done, click on each OK button to save the new settings while closing the dialog windows.

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General questions and answers about using this site

Q: What is the best way to view this website?
You will get the best results if you use the most recent browser from either Microsoft (Internet Explorer), Mozilla (Firefox), or from Apple (Safari). They are all free and available for download if they are not already on your computer. Microsoft Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox | Apple Safari

Using WebTV, AOL or other browsers with this site.
We have designed the site to work with traditional computers running standard (Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer) Web browsers. While we welcome all crafters, however they choose to visit us, we simply do not have the resources to support all the different forms of accessing the Internet.

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