The Most Useful Knitting Tools for Gifts to Knitters
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Do you have a knitter on your holiday gift list? You may think that the obvious present for them is yarn or pattern books, but there are actually plenty of helpful knitting tools for gifts they might love to have. Many knitters invest their money in yarn and needles, making tools a special treat that you can give to them. These useful knitting tools make wonderful gifts for knitters of all skill-levels.

knitting tools for gifts

Yarn Ball Winder

A yarn ball winder takes those long skeins of yarn and winds them into convenient balls, which are easier to work with. A yarn ball winder is not essential, because yarn balls can be wound from hand, so this useful knitting gift is a true luxury item your favorite knitter will love.

Stitch Counter

A stitch counter can be used to count individual stitches or keep track of rows in a pattern. It’s a handy and inexpensive device that makes a great stocking stuffer for a knitter. The brand Kacha-Kacha makes a red and gold stitch counter that’s a classic must-have for any knitter.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers also make great stocking stuffers or simple just-because gifts. You can find basic plastic stitch markers or fancy novelty stitch counters that reflect the recipient’s other interests. Either option works well to keep track of where repeats or decreases begin. Find some pretty stitch markers and your friend or loved one will enjoy looking at them as they keep working on their project.

Point Protectors

Point protectors attach to the end of knitting needles to protect the needle and keep the stitches from sliding off. They’re a great gift for a knitter who likes to take her projects on the go. You can find simple point protectors or cute novelty point protectors in hearts, flowers, or other designs.

Interchangeable Needle Kit

Another luxury gift is a set of interchangeable needles. Giving this gift is like giving every needle your knitter will ever need. Denise makes a set of interchangeable needles that come with an excellent warranty and a convenient carrying case.

Create a gift basket for a knitter by including a ball of yarn a free knitting pattern, and an assortment of the tools above. You can also throw in some tapestry needles for weaving in loose ends or a pair of handy scissors.

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