Weekend Knitting Projects for Kids
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Knitting projects for kids are fun because you get to use brighter colors and more creative designs than you might for adult projects. Plus, because kids’ knitting patterns are pint-sized, you can often knit an entire project in just one weekend. These weekend knitting projects for kids will satisfy your creativity and your time budget.

kids knitting patterns

Knitting Accessories for Kids

While a baby’s sweater and other baby knitting patterns are usually really quick projects, for older kids, knit accessories are fun weekend patterns. As fall and winter approach, spend a weekend knitting warm socks and slippers for your kids. Classic knit socks never go out of style, but you can also make adorable slippers that kids’ will love to wear. Try the Knit Lion Slippers, which will excite even the grumpiest sleepy-head.

Knit hats and gloves also make practical accessories you can knit in a weekend. Choose yarn to match your kids’ coats and you can prepare them for cold weather with accessories you make yourself. If you have a tween, she’ll love a knit purse. You can make her a drawstring pouch or a Back to School Tote in her favorite colors.

Free Kids’ Toy Patterns

Knit toys also make great weekend knitting projects for kids. Spend a Saturday afternoon knitting a sweater for a favorite teddy bear, dresses for Barbie, or snuggly stuffed animals. While the Bobbles the Lamb Pattern is a cute project for an intermediate knitter, Bonnie Bunny is suitable for a beginner. If you have a baby shower coming up, you can knit soft blocks or balls for a baby, too.

Knitting with Kids

In addition to knitting for kids, there are many patterns you can work on this weekend to knit with kids. Learning how to knit is an activity that can help children develop fine motor skills and patience. Plus, teaching a child how to knit is a wonderful bonding activity. Knitting is a skill a girl or boy can use for the rest of their lives. Get kids started with a simple scarf pattern. While an adult scarf can take a while to knit, kids’ scarves are shorter and will knit more quickly. Our helpful Knitting Glossary can refresh you on the terms you’ll need to teach a beginning knitter. kids knitting patterns

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