The Knitting Curse: Knitting Sweaters for Men
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Have you heard of the curse? In knitting circles, legend has it that if you knit a sweater for a man before you’re married, you’ll soon break up. Some purists say that it’s if you knit anything for a man before you’re married. Knitting a sweater is a labor of love and a wonderful expression of your affection. Whether you’ve got a ring or you’re just not superstitious, these free men’s sweater patterns make great gifts for husbands, fathers, and other special guys in your life.

knitting for men

The Woody Gap Men’s Sweater features a mock turtleneck and raglan shaping with an off-center zipper at the collar. Its ribbed styling looks good and feels comfortable. The trendy style is great for men of all ages and suitable for an experienced knitter.

For an advanced knitter, a Tweed Cabled Pullover Pattern provides a fun challenge as you work the intricate cable chart. When you’re done, the pullover’s texture will provide a warm and cozy look for winter. This sweater makes a great gift for your husband or father this holiday season.

If you’re looking for a lightweight sweater, the Beachcomber Sweater Pattern, an advanced-beginner pattern, is knit with light cotton and features a subtle nautical trim, perfect for spring and late summer, or year-round wear in coastal areas.

If you’re wary of knitting a sweater, there are plenty of other options for creating handmade gifts for men. Knit a hat and a matching pair of gloves, or a warm winter scarf. Knitting a vest, such as the Brick Wall Vest, provides a nice compromise. Technically, a sweater vest is not a sweater, but it keeps the wearer warm and is a step-up from a scarf in terms of the commitment required to the project. You can knit a vest in less time than it takes to knit a sweater, but still create an extra-special handmade gift.

Whatever your stance on the knitting curse, there are plenty of ways you can use your knitting skills to create something thoughtful for a man you love.

knitting for men

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