Trendy Hat Patterns for Fall and Winter
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Many knitters rejoice at the return of cooler weather, because it means the return of warm hats. Knitting a hat is a quick project, and a fun way to learn how to knit or pick up new knitting skills, so many knitters have a stash of basic beanies and stylish hats around. These trendy hats for fall and winter will give you plenty of weekend projects to keep you and your family warm this year.

Springtime Beret

Lace Berets

Whether slouchy or fitted, lace berets are a favorite hat for early fall. A beret is an excellent project for learning how to knit lace, and it makes a great gift, too. From basic lace beret patterns to more complicated lace charts, lace helps capture the texture of fall leaves. Pair a lace beret with a jewel tone yarn for a stylish hat you’ll wear all fall.

Felted Fedoras

Vintage revival is on-trend in knitting this season and that means feminine cloches and felted fedoras. A felted hat keeps you extra-warm while creating an “I can’t believe you made that!” look. Plus, a felted hat keeps its shape enough for you to embellish it with feathers, flowers, or broaches, creating your own personal flair.

Chunky Knits

The opposite of those delicate lace berets is the chunky beanie. Chunky beanies are trendy hats that show off your stitches, making them a good match for novelty or high-quality yarns and special stitches like cables. A chunky beanie pattern, such as the Palladium Hat Pattern, can also be an opportunity to experiment with dropped stitches (the intentional kind!) and other textures.

Palladium Hat & Scarf

Cute as a Button

Buttons are really trendy in knitwear right now. You’ll see them appearing on the yolks of sweaters, the details of lace, or as embellishments on knit hats. Many trendy hat patterns this fall and winter feature buttons for decoration. Other patterns are knit in the round, but feature a brim knit side to side and closed with buttons. For many styles, buttons are a simple and affordable way to dress up a basic hat pattern.

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