Knitting Projects for Kids of All Ages
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Spencer the Elephant Baby What is cuter than children’s clothing? From little baby booties to sweaters with animal appliques, options for dressing kids can be a lot of fun. If you’re a knitter,kids can also be a great outlet for your skills. Kids knitting patterns finish quickly and use less yarn, plus you can get really creative with yarn colors and textures. Knitting projects for kids of all ages feature fun clothing, accessories, and knitted toys you’ll love to create for your kids or as a thoughtful birthday or baby shower gift.

Knitting Projects for Babies

Knitting a gift for a baby can take as little yarn as one skein and as little time as one afternoon. Knit a baby hat and matching booties for a baby shower gift or a soft cardigan for something a bit more complicated. If you have more time to spare, knit a baby blanket or crib afghan. Spencer the Elephant Baby Blanket makes an unforgettable snuggle buddy for any baby.

Knitting Projects for Children

A handknit sweater might not be high on every kid’s wishlist. It may get them thinking of Molly Weasley’s infamous sweaters in the Harry Potter books. Nonetheless, a cozy sweater is always appreciated when it’s chilly out. Knit the My Dolly & Me Sweaters for a girl and her favorite doll or a nautical sweater for a boy. There are kids sweater patterns with a range of knit textures and embellishments to fit kids’ personalities. If you’re not up for a sweater, you can knit snuggly plush bears and bunnies or cozy slippers.

Knitting Projects for Older Kids

Older kids will probably want more control over their style. Knit accessories like hats and scarves are a safe option for this age group. Knit a Back to School Pouch for kids to use as a lunch box or tote. Or, knit a basic blouse that a teenage girl can accessorize in her own fashion.

If you love to knit, you can also hand down your knowledge by teaching your child how to knit. Buy a starter’s kit for the new knitter or create one of your own. Include larger gauge needles (acrylic size 10 or larger works well), a couple skeins of worsted weight or bulky yarn, and a pattern for a simple scarf or hat.Point to Point Blouse

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