Stash & Knit Patterns Storage Solutions
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If you’re a serious knitter, your supplies can really start to pile up. Between yarn, knitting notions, needles, and patterns, if you get disorganized, you can easily misplace the items you need for your projects. These knit patterns storage solutions can help you tame clutter and keep the essentials easily on-hand.

Rainbow Tote

Yarn Storage

Yarn is the most complicated knitting supply to store, because it can take up so much room. If you have a large stash of yarn, plastic or canvas bins are a must-have. Sort your yarn by weight, color, or type, so you can find the right yarn for your projects without having to dig. You can also use large Ziplock bags to keep skeins of yarn grouped by project.

There are also Home Decor Knitting Patterns and Purse and Bag Knitting Patterns you can use to manage your yarn stash. For example, a knit tote works as storage or to carry around the project you’re working on. The Rainbow Tote above features vibrant colors and a roomy 19” x 11” interior.

Knitting Tool Storage

Knitting tools are the opposite of yarn when it comes to storage. They’re small and easy to store, but that also means they’re easy to lose. Keep your knitting needles with their mates by storing them in a felt needle roll or using an elastic band to hold them together. Ziplock snack bags or Tic Tac containers are great for storing stitch markers or other small notions. Plus, you can knit small pouches or bins for holding your knitting tools. The Colorspun Boudoir Set includes a knit basket that can stash knitting notions such as tapestry needles, stitch markers, and stitch holders.

Pattern Storage

Knitting patterns are easy to store, but they can also pile up. When you print out patterns from, back them up to your computer, too, organizing your patterns by category. If you save the pattern to your cloud, you can also access it on your phone or tablet when you’re on the go. For physical pattern storage, consider marking a separate file folder for finished patterns, patterns in progress, and future projects. Slip the folders into your yarn totes or incorporate them into your home filing system.

What are your favorite knitting storage techniques? How do you keep your knitting supplies organized and easy to find?

Colorspun Boudoir Set

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