Free Winter Knitting Patterns for De-Stashing
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When it comes to de-stashing, there are a couple of approaches you can take. On one hand, you can knit small projects to use up single skeins and scraps; on the other hand, you can knit bigger projects that can use multiple yarns for a varied color and texture. These winter knitting patterns for de-stashing provide you with options for both methods. You can use your stock pile of yarn to create a cozy home or wardrobe this winter.

free winter knitting patterns

Small Winter De-Stashing Projects

Use your stash of yarns to knit small gifts for friends and neighbors. These Gift Knitting Patterns feature small projects such as heart pillows, pumpkins, ornaments, and bookmarks that you can knit and hang onto for surprise presents.

You can also use stashed yarn to knit Table Treatments for your home. Knit placemats and tablerunners in holiday colors or in neutral colors to go with your dishes any time of year. If you have a lot of scrap yarn, you can knit a striped tablerunner or placemats and use it up quickly. Dishcloths are also a classic stash busting project.

Knit pairs of socks or warm slippers to use up extra skeins of yarn. These adorable Mary Jane Slippers can be knit in solid colors or stripes. Many Winter Accessory Knitting Patterns are great projects for using stashed yarn, too. Knit simple hats or long, striped scarves to use your stash and keep your family warm.

Big Winter De-Stashing Projects

Perhaps the best big stash buster is a knit afghan. If you have a lot of different yarns that knit at about the same guage, you can use them to knit a unique scrap blanket. These blankets or afghans are a favorite for a reason. You can reminisce about the other projects you used your leftover yarn for while you knit the afghan. The project will also show off your taste in yarn and your favorite colors. These Classic Afghan Knitting Patterns provide a range of options for you to choose from.

For other large de-stashing projects, you can knit shawls, kitchen rugs, and whole tablecloths. There are plenty of options. De-stashing projects allow you to get creative with your colors while clearing up more storage space. Once you use your stash, you have a perfect excuse to buy more yarn!

free winter knitting patterns

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