Knit Patterns for Animal Lovers
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If you love animals as much as you love to knit, there are plenty of ways you can combine those passions using these free knitting patterns. You can knit sweaters or toys for your furry friends or create knitting projects that celebrate your favorite animals.

Slip-Stitch Style Dog Sweater

Knit Dog Sweaters and Supplies

It may seem silly to put a sweater on a dog, but as the weather gets colder, your companion might appreciate the extra layer. Small dogs and naturally thin dogs, such as greyhounds and whippets, may be especially sensitive to the cold. There are plenty of patterns for dog sweaters in fun styles, so your dog can keep it simple or sport a trendy outfit.

The Tuxedo and Tails Free Dog Sweater Pattern is an adorable project you can use to make your pet some formal wear. The sweater is especially dapper for holiday parties or weddings. Your best friend can be your “Dog of Honor” when you dress him or her in a cute little tux.

For everyday wear, the Slip-Stitch Dog Sweater Pattern provides extra warmth with a lower profile. Your dog will love wearing the sweater on walks around the neighborhood or for snuggling on the couch. Plus, he or she will look so cute!

You can also knit your dog or cat a cozy pillow or rug. Use a Free Knit Rug Pattern to create a mat for your pet to nap on in the living room or to protect your car seat from fur and dirty paws. A free pillow pattern can provide your pet some extra comfort, too.

Knit Animal Toy Patterns

It’s fun to knit stuffed animals, whether you’re making them for a cat, dog, or human. These Free Knit Toy Patterns feature a range of adorable knit animals. Giles the Giraffe is a more complex project, perfect for you to show off your knitting skills. The Happy Critters patterns are based on children’s sock toys, making them a classic, retro choice. You an also knit a ball perfect for games of catch or fetch! Use your yarn stash and a spare afternoon and you can make plenty of animal toys, saving you money on expensive dog toys Fido will just chew up anyway.

Tuxedo and Tails Dog Sweater

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