Budget Knit Patterns: Knits that Save Money
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Want a new accessory or to freshen up your home décor? Look at knitting as your opportunity to get the look for less! There are plenty of ways you can use your knitting skills to DIY stylish accessories and home décor. Using these free budget knitting patterns, you can make a project for just the cost of supplies.

Aqua Octagon Rug

Home Decor

Updating your home décor can cost a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to. These budget knitting patterns for home décor feature classic and trendy styles for your space. Get the look of expensive knit toss pillows using this Chunky Checks Pillow Pattern. Knit the pillows in a neutral white or beige for a classic style or choose yarn to contrast with your couch for a pop of color. The pillows will give your living room a polished look and cost you hardly anything.

There are plenty of other budget houseware knitting patterns, too. Add some warmth to your kitchen floors or add a colorful rug to your living room using one of these Free Rug Patterns. At the department store, an area rug can be really expensive, but you can create a rug for much less using a free knitting pattern.

Knit Accessories
You can also save on your clothing budget by knitting your own accessories. Make trendy Mary Jane Slippers to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. They make great gifts too, and don’t take much yarn to make. Other budget Knit Accessories include stylish hats, scarves, and purses. There are plenty of options for free knitting patterns, so you can find an accessory to fit your style and save your money.

Keep Warm on a Budget
Good winter coats are expensive. Make up for that cost by saving money on other cold water accessories. Use free Winter Clothing Knitting Patterns to knit hats, scarves, and gloves to match your family’s new coats. You can knit warm gloves with pretty snowflake motifs or classic cables.

Making your own clothing, accessories, and home décor is not only budget-friendly, it’s also fun. Use free knitting patterns to save even more or to leave more money in your knitting budget for yarn.

Mary Jane Slippers

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